Diabolical Dynamics


     Way back in 2001, FRC teams competed on an alliance of four teams against another alliance of four teams in the game known as Diabolical Dynamics. The game field was divided in half, with one alliance on each side. Each side of the field contained twenty small balls and four large balls

     Each alliance earned points by scoring balls into goals placing different sized balls into a goal, and by positioning their robot in a specific area at the end of the match. Scoring smaller balls into theSmall balls were worth one point each, and large balls were worth ten points. For each robot that ended in the designated zone, the alliance would get another ten points. Each team received the alliance score, and if your team’s large ball was on top of the goal, your score would be multiplied by 1.1, and rounded up.


Our Robot:


Our Competitions:

  • Long Island Regional
    • Awards:
      • Rookie All-Star Award
      • Regional Winner