The 2009 game introduced a new twist to FIRST Robotics. The type of wheels used on each robot was restricted for this game, which combined with a slick floor, created a similar effect to that of low gravity on the field. Teams had to score points by launching balls into goals which were attached to their opposing alliances robots. There were three types of balls that could be scored, Moon Rocks, Empty Cells, and Super Cells. Moon Rocks were worth two points each, and so were Empty Cells. However, Empty Cells were able to be given to the human players. The robot would then receive a Super Cell. These could only be scored in the last twenty seconds of the match, and were worth fifteen points each.

Our Robot:



Our Competitions:

  • SBPLI Long Island Regional
    • Awards:
      • Judges’ Award
  • FIRST Championship: Archimedes Division