FIRST Stronghold


     In 2016, the game’s theme referenced Medieval Times. Each alliance consisted of three teams, with each alliance having a Tower and a variety of Defenses. Alliances were challenged to breach their opponents’ Defenses, weaken their Tower with Boulders, and capture their Tower at the end of the match. 

     To earn points, alliance robots had to cross over the Defenses of the opposing alliance, which weakened with each crossing. Defenses changed each match. Teams had to collect foam balls, known as Boulders, and weaken their opponent’s tower by scoring into the Tower’s high and low goals, with the higher worth more points. At the end of the match, additional points could be scored by climbing a rung on the opposing alliance’s Tower.

Our Robot:


Our Competitions:

  • Buckeye Regional
  • SBPLI Long Island Regional