For the 2017 season, FIRST implemented a steampunk theme, where two alliances of three teams each were tasked with preparing an Airship for launch. Each Alliance was set up with an Airship, a Boiler that powered the Airship, and two Hoppers, which contained wiffle balls known as Fuel.

     To earn points, teams scored Fuel into the high and low goal of the Boiler to build Steam Power, with the higher goal being worth more points. Teams could also collect Gears from the Human Player station, and deliver them to another Human Player located on the Airship. To do so, Gears were placed on a Peg, which the Human Player lifted up to collect the Gears. They were then aligned with other Gears to spin up the four Rotors on the Airship, earning points for each Rotor spinning. At the end of the match, robots could climb ropes that dropped from their Airship for additional points.

Our Robot:


Our Competitions:

  • Finger Lakes Regional
  • SBPLI Long Island Regional