FIRST Power Up


     The 2018 game was based on 8-Bit video games and was played with two alliances of three teams each. The field contained one large Scale in the middle, with a smaller Scale on both sides of the larger. Each alliance also had a Portal, through which Power Cubes could be placed on the field, and an Exchange, where cubes could leave the field to be placed in a Vault. 

     To score points, teams could collect Power Cubes via the field or the Portal to be placed on their respective sides of the scales to gain ownership, or to be placed in their alliance’s Vault. When the Human Player deemed necessary, they would push a button on the Vault to give their alliance one of three Power Ups, which temporarily affected the game. At the end of the match, robots could climb on a rung anchored to the center of the main Scale in order to gain extra points.

Our Robot:


Our Competitions:

  • Finger Lakes Regional
    • Awards:
      • Safety Award sponsored by Underwriters Laboratories
  • SBPLI Long Island Regional #1
    • Awards:
      • Excellence in Engineering Award sponsored by Delphi
      • Regional Finalists
      • Wildcard
  • SBPLI Long Island Regional #2
    • Awards:
      • Quality Award sponsored by Motorola Solutions Foundation
  • FIRST Championship Detroit: Tesla Division