Our Alumni


Bryana Cabrera – Student at Hofstra University with a major in Psychology.

Anthony Castello – Studying for a bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Farmingdale State College.

Robert Fischer – Attending Stony Brook University for a bachelor’s degree in Astrophysics.

Michael Micara – Studying at LIU Post for a degree in Business Data Analytics.

Dana Storm – Enrolled at St. Joseph’s College pursuing a degree in Psychology.

Rachel Warren – Student at Johnson and Wales University studying for a bachelor’s in Robotic Engineering.

Left to Right: Michael Micara, Bryana Cabrera, Rachel Warren, Anthony Castello, Dana Storm, Robert Fischer


Aidan Downey – Enrolled at Hofstra University for a degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Richard Pawelkewicz – Attends Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute for a degree in Computer Science.

Jonathan Rood – Studying Science in Games at the University of Utah.

Sarah Tonjes – Majoring in Biology at Millersville University of Pennsylvania.

Chase Viviani – Attends SUNY Polytechnic Institute studying for a degree in Interactive Media and Game Design.


Maria Maurer – Attends Stony Brook University for a double major in Physics and Astronomy.

Emma Provenzano – Pursuing a degree in Biology at Hudson Valley Community College.

Christopher Wadolowski Majors in Multidisciplinary Studies in Creative Writing, Music, and Theatre at Stony Brook University.


Bryan Dimino – Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Mechatronics at Tennessee Technological University

“FIRST really inspired me to become a STEM major and to get more involved in furthering my education. I developed a passion for robotics so I decided to take up Mechanical Engineering with Mechatronics. Currently I’m a TA for a computer science lab that uses arduinos. I’m taking classes such as Fluid Mechanics, Mechanics of Materials, Circuits, Materials and Processes, and Mechanical Engineering Analysis.”

Kyle Hoogervorst – Attends Stony Brook University majoring in Biology.

Cole Jacobellis – Plans to pursue a career in Radiology.

Michelle Lemaire – Studying for a degree in Biology at Farmingdale State College.

Stephen Wang – B.E. Computer Engineering Columbia University & CUNY City College

Konrad Zieba – Enrolled at Stony Brook University with a major in Psychology.



Kaitlyn Cahill – Business Major SUNY Farmingdale – Working as an Office Manager at a Government Relations & Communications Firm

Luis Delatorre – Mechanical Engineering Major Worcester Polytechnic Institute

“Completing philanthropy work together with the FRC team and learning about fundraiser led me to the college I currently attended, and as of March 8th this year, I will be traveling to India for seven weeks to design a new river turbine with a few other students for local residents of India. If it wasn’t for learning about FIRST, I would not be where I currently am at now, pursuing a manufacturing concentration.”

Maria Roman – Current Student at Cazenovia College, Bachelor of Professional Studies in Business Management with a Specialization in Equine Business Management and a minor in Marketing.


Nico Eden – B.E. Electrical Engineering with a US Coast Guard 3rd Asst. Engineers License SUNY Maritime College

Christina Gigante – Graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication Disorders and Sciences from SUNY New Paltz in 2017 – Currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Speech Language Pathology at Hofstra University

team 533 2014


John Rinaldi – Graduated from Northeastern University with a bachelors in Architecture in 2017, attending Northeastern again for masters in Architecture to graduate in 2018

Sean Fox – B.S. Applied mathematics and Statistics Stony Brook University – Currently working as a PLanogram Analyst for SAS Retail Services/ Ahold USA Stop and Shop Division in Quincy, MA

Michael Rinaldi – Graduated Northeastern university in 2017 with a bachelor’s Double Major in Computer science and game design. Works as a software developer at wayfair labs.


Ryan René Rosado – Obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Emergency Management, SUNY Empire State College (Senior) and Obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Cyber Security, Utica College (Junior). Performed 4 years in the USAF as an Intelligence-Cyber Airman. Now working at Ernst & Young as a Cyber Consultant (#4 out of 500 Cybersecurity firm in the world!)

team 533 alumni 2011


Robert Drenckhahn – Attending SUNY Farmingdale – Currently an automotive technician at Cosmos Service Center

team 533 class of 2010


William Charlock – Graduated 2014 with Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering @ Rochester Institute of Technology – Working as a Field Engineer at National Grid

Lex Torres – B.E. Electrical Engineering with a US Coast Guard 3rd Asst. Engineers License – SUNY Maritime College

“Serving as the team designer in all fundraising and branding efforts for team 533 awakened my passion and raw talent for digital design. The 3 years I spent honing the craft in HS gave me a leg up in college and post-grad years. This allowed me to find a full time career immediately after graduating college, in a role and company I adore.”