Our Board

    Team 533’s Executive Board is entirely comprised of student-elected members as a means of organizing team responsibilities. The Board is broken into two branches: Business and Build, each of which contains a President and Vice President. The Board also contains a Secretary and a Treasurer, who serve both branches of the team. Scroll down to meet the Board!

Thomas Gilmore – President of Business

    Thomas Gilmore is a senior on Team 533 and has been a dedicated member since his freshman year. He is currently the President of Business, and his current responsibilities include Co-Captaining our Safety Team, organizing all fundraising and service events, and writing awards.

Robert Riecker – President of Build

     Robert Riecker serves as the President of Build to our team. Robert is only a sophomore, yet has shown incredible dedication since joining the team as a freshman. As the President of Build, he is responsible for guiding all team build and organizing outreach, as well as Co-Captaining our Safety Team.

AJ Lindenman – Vice President of Business

     AJ Lindenmann is the PSIcotics’ Vice President of Business. Now a senior, AJ became a member of the team in his junior year. Being the Vice President of Business, he serves as Team 533’s other Co-Safety Captain, while also managing the team’s social media accounts.

Johnathan Reggi – Vice President of Build

     Jonathan Reggi is a junior on Team 533. Jonathan originally joined the team in his freshman year, and now serves as the Vice President of Build. He holds responsibility for assisting the President of Build with their duties, while also creating each season’s Bill of Materials.

Leanna Birsner – Secretary

      Leanna Birsner is the current Secretary for Team 533. Leanna is another junior serving on the Executive Board and has been a member of the PSIcotics since her freshman year. As Secretary, her responsibilities include attendance, minutes, and sponsorships.

Noah Sherman – Treasurer

     Rounding out Team 533’s Executive Board is Noah Sherman, who serves as Treasurer. Noah has been a member of our team for the last three years, and is currently a junior. His current responsibilities include the organization and tracking of all team funds and grants.