Our Mentors

     At Team 533, we are lucky to have numerous skilled adults guide our students through the everyday functions of our team. From Business to Build and everything in between, the knowledge that our Advisors and Mentors pass on to our students cannot be understated. Meet the Advisors and Mentors to Team 533 below!

Daniel Cahill – Co-Advisor

      Mr. Cahill is an alumnus of FRC Team 533, having been the team’s Build President before graduating in 2014. After high school, Daniel pursued a career in automotive engineering at Farmingdale State College, graduating with his bachelor’s degree in 2019. Daniel has been an official mentor to the team since 2016, and became a Co-Advisor for the 2020 season, Infinite Recharge.

Ms. Jacobs – Co-Advisor / Team Mom

      Ms. Jacobs has been a mentor of Team 533 since 2007. After her son joined his local FRC team, Ms. Jacobs was so inspired by the FIRST program that she jumped at the opportunity to join Team 533 at Lindenhurst Senior High School, where she taught biology. Ms. Jacobs has continued to serve as a Co-Advisor to Team 533 after her retirement from teaching in 2018.

Thomas Graham – Senior Mentor

      Mr. Graham is a Mentor and founding member of FRC Team 533. In 1998, Mr. Graham became a mentor for the West Islip Robotics Team and remained there until 2001, when he left to form a team at Lindenhurst High School so that his son, an incoming freshman, could join the program. Mr. Graham now celebrates his twentieth year with Team 533.

Neil Heft – Senior Mentor

    A founding member of FRC Team 533, Mr. Heft has been a Mentor on our team for twenty years. Similar to Mr. Graham, Mr Heft was also a mentor to the West Islip team, becoming a mentor in 1999. In 2001, he left with Mr. Graham to create a team at Lindenhurst High School. In 2005, Mr. Heft was awarded the Woodie Flowers Award in recognition of his mentorship.

William Charlock – Mentor

      An alumnus turned mentor of FRC Team 533, Billy served as both the President and Driver of our team during his junior and senior years of high school. After graduating in 2009, Billy went on to get a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from R.I.T. in 2013 before returning to our team as an official Mentor for the 2014 season, Aerial Assist.

Kaitlyn Cahill – Mentor

      Ms. Kaitlyn Cahill is a Class of 2015 PSIcotics alumna. After graduating, Kaitlyn pursued a degree in business management and is currently studying at Southern New Hampshire University. Upon turning 21, Kaitlyn returned officially as a Mentor to Team 533 for the 2018 Season, FIRST Power Up. Kaitlyn also serves as Secretary/Treasurer to the Lindenhurst Robotics Coalition.