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Bag and Tag No More! | Build Season

     As this past Tuesday marks what would have been Stop Build Day, the team reflects on the amazing progress we have me so far on this year’s robot. Returning for our first in-person Build Season in almost two years, most of our members are experiencing their first hands-on robot build.  Six weeks after Kickoff, our team has successfully completed the chassis, neared completion on the intake and shooter, and continues to experiment with different variations of climbing mechanisms. With three weeks remaining before our first competition, we are optimistic about finishing the robot with enough time remaining to secure some well-needed practice before we head to the field and face off against other teams. We can’t wait to head to competition and kick some ro-butt!

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Toys for Tots | Community Service

     This December, FRC Team 533 brought back their annual Toys for Tots event to collect toys for children in need this holiday season. To tackle this task, our team partnered with both the Library Media Center and the National Honor Society in hopes of maximizing the number of people participating in our cause. With donation boxes in the Main Office and the Library, our team was able to collect over 175 brand new toys within two weeks! These toys were later donated to the Long Island branch of Toys for Tots, where they will be distributed to Suffolk County families this week by the Marine Corps. A special thank you is in order for all those who donated their time or a toy to our cause!

     *All LUFSD and CDC Covid-19 guidelines were followed at this event*

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Turkey for One, Turkey for All | Community Service

     On Sunday, November 21st, 2021, Team 533 had the opportunity to participate in the Turkey for Vets event hosted by the Long Island 9-1-1 Veterans. Bright and early, the team assembled at our local VFW hall to assemble Thanksgiving food bundles and distribute them along with hundreds of turkeys to Nassau and Suffolk County veterans. Despite the cold weather, the PSIcotics were happy to trade brains for brawn and help out the amazing event organizers. Fortunately, we had plenty of turkeys and sides for all veterans who attended, and we cannot wait to return next year! Swipe through the gallery above for pictures from the event.

    *All LUFSD and CDC Covid-19 guidelines were followed at this event*

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A Robo-Halloween | Community Service

     Last month, the Robotics Team had the honor of taking part in Lindenhurst High School’s annual Safe Halloween event, which was held outdoors in the high school’s parking lot the Friday before Halloween. Each participating club is asked to set up a table and hand out candy to elementary students as a means of providing a safer trick-or-treating experience than traveling door-to-door. Clubs are also asked to decorate car trunks, with the Team 533 choosing the popular video game “Among Us” as the theme, while painting the characters in Marvel superhero costumes.

     The team also took this as an opportunity to display our robot, which the trick-or-treaters posed for pictures with while our members distributed Halloween candy. After roughly four hours, the team had handed out candy to hundreds of elementary students and spoke with dozens of families about our team (and more specifically, our robot). See the gallery above for photos from the event!

     *All LUFSD and CDC Covid-19 guidelines were followed at this event*

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Robo-Recruitment | Outreach

     With Lindenhurst Public School transitioning from in-person to online learning for the majority of 2020 and 2021, Team 533 found a new difficulty resulting from having virtual meetings: recruitment. As a result of not being able to meet in-person or afterschool, the Robotics Team, along with all other after-school activities, saw a significant decline in membership in comparison to pre-COVID numbers. However, with school returning to in-person classes, our team was able to participate in our first ever outdoor Club-Fair, where we were able to successfully recruit over twenty new members. Welcome to all the new PSIcotics!

     *All LUFSD and CDC Covid-19 guidelines were followed at this event*

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Help at Homecoming | Community Service

     On Saturday, October 16th, 2021, the PSIcotics took part in the Lindenhurst Union Free School District’s annual Homecoming parade, where our team had the pleasure of aiding the senior class with their float. In Lindenhurst tradition, each school in the district, along with each grade-level class in the high school, build Homecoming floats corresponding to a particular theme, which are then driven from Fireman’s Park to Lindenhurst Middle School for judging.

     The Seniors, the Class of 2022, had designed their float after the movie Up, following suit with the theme of Disney movies. The Robotics Team’s contributions consisted mainly of moving elements, which included the head of a character, a fan to simulate wind, a fog machine for waterfall mist, and balloons rising from the chimney of the main house. Though we are always happy for the opportunity to aid another high school group, we are proud to announce that the Seniors’ float placed 1st! Scroll through the gallery above for pictures from the event.

     *All LUFSD and CDC COVID-19 guidelines were followed at this event*

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