Over the past few weeks, our team was able to compete in four offseason competitions! At our first October competition, NYC RoboReplay, we had some great qualifier matches, until our last match when a wire came loose and made contact with our chassis. Unsure if we were going to be able to compete any farther, we were lucky enough to be chosen by the first alliance, composed of StuyPulse and Rohawks. Our alliance successfully made it to the finals, and we won our first competition since 2001! At the following event, the Half Hollow Hills Invitational, our team did not expect to place in the top 8 as most of our experienced drivers were not in attendance. However, we moved up ten places in our last two matches and ended up as alliance captains. Our team made it to the quarter-finals with Mohawks and Infernobotix as our alliance partners.

     In November, we attended Ramp Riot in Wissahickon, Pennsylvania. As the highest seeded team remaining after alliance selection, we were chosen as a backup robot for alliance two and got subbed in after the first round of the losers bracket. Our team played defense during those matches, winning three before we swapped back with the team we replaced. Together, all four robots in our alliance were able to come together and pull off a win! We are so thankful for our alliance partners, RoboForce, Krypton Cougars, and Dawgma. At our final competition, Brunswick Eruption, we focused a lot on our defense during the invitational and we were chosen by the second alliance, Peddie Robotics and Aperture, for our performance. We made it to the semi-finals and were happy to end our invitational season at such a great competition.

     We are so thankful for all of our alliance partners and the volunteers who made it all possible! We view invitational as a very important opportunity for us to get our newer members some experience on the drive team. Overall we think this was a very successful offseason, and now we are Charged Up for the new year!